Her Husband Got Drunk And Spent The Night At His Ex-Girlfriend’s House, So Now She Wants To Get A Divorce

alones - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her husband started dating in 2019 and married in September. She’s currently pregnant with their first kid and is deeply in love with her husband. When they first started dating, her husband introduced her to his close friend, Emma.

At first, she didn’t realize that he and Emma had been in a relationship for a few years, but she immediately noticed how physically affectionate they were, and she thought it was strange.

Eventually, she told her husband that his friendship with Emma made her uncomfortable, and he thought she was overdramatic.

But he finally came around and accepted her perspective and had clear boundaries with Emma from then on. She wouldn’t describe herself as envious, and her husband was friends with both men and women.

“I trusted him like he trusted me. But sitting on my (at the time fiancé’s) lap acting cute and childish was a boundary that was crossed for me,” she said.

Last Saturday, her husband went out drinking with friends, and later that night, he called her to say he was too intoxicated to come home, so he’d be spending the night with one of his friends, implying that it was a male friend.

“The morning after, he casually told me he spent the night at Emma’s. I literally wanted to vomit. I packed my things and called my dad to come and pick me up,” she explained.

She waited until her husband was at work on Monday to ask her father to pick her up, and she texted her husband and said, “‘I’m done.'” After he stayed the night with Emma, she knew she wanted to file for divorce.

Since she left the house, she has been staying with her parents. All week, her husband has bombarded her with calls and texts. He dropped by her parents’ house daily to persuade her to talk to him, but she wouldn’t.

alones – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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