Her Mom Is Making Her Feel Bad About Putting Little Effort Into Her Half-Sister’s Wedding Events, But She’s Just Never Been Treated Like A Real Sibling

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Do you have any relatives who treat you differently from the rest of your family, yet you’re still expected to interact with them like everything is normal?

That’s what’s happening to one woman who doesn’t want to put much effort into her half-sister’s wedding events, as her half-sister has never treated her like her real sibling.

Before she was born, her mom was married with two daughters, Amy and Lily. Then, Amy and Lily’s dad sadly died, and her mom remarried a new man, and they had her. Today, Amy is 27, and Lily is 25, and Amy is getting married.

Although many people get excited about their siblings getting married and want to be as involved as possible, that’s not the case for her, as she’s not close with Amy or Lily, even though they grew up together.

Amy and Lily never tried to get close to her when she was born. They stayed tight-knit together but made a hurtful pact that her dad would never be seen as their dad, and she would never be seen as their sister.

So, when Amy announced she’d be getting married and wanted to host extravagant pre-wedding events, she didn’t want to participate but felt forced to by her mom.

“I’m not excited, and [all the] pre-wedding stuff has been [rough] for me,” she said.

“I’m not wanted at the wedding, and I don’t have a good relationship with Amy or Lily, but I was invited, and this means a lot to my mom. I’m only going through the motions and dealing [with it] for that reason. But I’m not going out of my way to dress up all nice or get hair and makeup done professionally for everything.”

Unfortunately, her mom wants her to put in a lot more effort for the wedding than she cares to. For instance, she has a hair appointment booked for the wedding day and plans to get a simple style.

franz12 – – illustrative purposes only

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