Her Roommate Called Her A “Psycho” After She Tried To Set Cleaning Boundaries And Threatened To Tell Her Parents About Everything She’s Done “Wrong” Over The Last Few Years - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you have roommates, whether they be a good friend, someone you don’t know very well, or your romantic partner, you still have to set boundaries.

Even if your roommate is someone you love, having boundaries with the people you live with is extremely important for co-existing peacefully.

One woman has been living with a family friend, and their relationship is extremely strained after she tried to set some roommate boundaries.

She’s 20-years-old and lives with her mom’s friend’s daughter, who’s 18. They live in a two-bedroom apartment that’s owned by her parents and have been living together for three years.

Their relationship was never really close, and during the first two years of living together, they were equally as messy. However, she was mostly messy because she was experiencing depression and had no motivation to clean. 

Once she got better and got her act together, she realized her roommate simply didn’t do chores in general.

“She never cleans anything except for her room, and even that happens rarely,” she said.

“She often uses my pots and leaves them in the sink for a week or two,” she continued.

“I am extremely annoyed by having to do all the chores myself, but I usually keep my annoyance to myself. At the end of 2023, my roommate stopped talking to me after I told her off for smoking cigarettes in her bed.” – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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