He’s A Dad To A Non-Verbal, Autistic Preschooler, And He’s Jealous Of Parents Who Have Kids Without Special Needs

dusanpetkovic1 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

This man is a dad, and his son is 4-years-old, non-verbal, and autistic. His son means absolutely everything to him, and his son is loving and kind.

While he wouldn’t trade his son for the world, he’s jealous of parents who have kids without special needs.

When he watches other moms and dads with children close in age to his son, he feels envious of the fact that they can easily communicate with their kids.

He’s also jealous of the milestones other children easily meet, as his son struggles with everything.

“This is usually immediately followed by feelings of guilt and self-loathing, as I know I know it’s not fair to be comparing my child to others,” he explained.

“I also feel like I’m mourning the loss of what I hoped my kid would achieve, which makes me feel even [worse] as I know I am putting too much emphasis on what I hoped I would get from my kid rather than what is best for him.”

“I have never told anyone any of this as I feel deeply ashamed as well as have a tendency to bottle my emotions.”

He’s still hoping that, somehow, his son may learn to talk at some point in his life. But the sad reality is that there’s a greater probability his son will never be able to do this in his lifetime.

He’s also dreaming of a day when his son catches up to children his age and is able to accomplish age-appropriate milestones.

dusanpetkovic1 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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