He’s Gone On Three Dates With A Girl He Really Likes, But It Bothers Him That She Always Expects Him To Pay

He did bring this up to the girl he’s dating, and she responded that she thinks guys should always pay, as it shows their interest.

But he feels that if you’re forming a partnership, you should take turns paying on dates. He doesn’t like traditional gender roles where men should only be viewed as providers and women as dependant upon them.

“I’m at a crossroads,” he said. “On one hand, I really like this woman and our time together. On the other, I’m hesitant about entering into a dynamic that doesn’t align with my values, especially when it comes to equality and finances. I earn a decent living, as does she, so it’s not about the money—it’s about the principle.”

“Am I making too much of this? Should I just accept this difference in perspective and move forward, or is this a sign of fundamental incompatibility?”

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