His Brother Lost It On Him For Selling Their Concert Tickets, Even Though He Made Other Plans To Go To A Beach Party

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These days, when you want to see a major music artist perform on one of their worldwide tours, you have to get ready for it to be a whole ordeal. 

Many people have to spend hundreds of dollars on tickets for major artists, and some go as far as getting a hotel room near the venue, road-tripping, or flying to the venue, etc. So often, when you’re trying to see one of your favorite popular musicians, you have to make a commitment.

One man is furious with his brother after he had to sell tickets for a concert they had been planning a road trip around because his brother decided to go to a beach party instead.

He’s 27 and has a 24-year-old brother. Over the last few months, the two of them had been getting very excited as they were planning a road trip to see one of their favorite bands in concert.

“We’re talking about a band we’ve both been obsessed with since high school,” he explained.

“Tickets were insanely hard to get, but I managed to score two after hours of waiting in the virtual queue. They weren’t cheap either. Fast forward to a week before the trip. My brother calls me up and says he can’t make it. No emergency, no life-changing event, [he] just [got] a ‘better offer’ from his friends for some beach party.”

He was furious at his brother, especially because they had been looking forward to this concert for what felt like ages.

He tried to find someone else to go to the concert with him, but everyone he asked had plans or wasn’t interested in the band enough to go. So, he decided to sell both concert tickets, even though it made him very sad.

There was one silver lining: he was able to sell the tickets for a really good price and made a profit off them.

120bpm – – illustrative purposes only

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