His Dad Had An Affair With His Stepmom, So He Didn’t Invite Her To His Wedding To Avoid Any Tension, But His Dad Now Doesn’t Want To Attend

“If I don’t invite my stepmom, I’m afraid it will damage my relationship with her and my dad. I thought about telling my dad that my wife [and I had] a courthouse wedding and no reception, but I didn’t want to lie to him like that. The damages would be huge if he discovered.”

He decided he couldn’t wait any longer and had to talk to his dad during a recent visit about why he wouldn’t want his stepmom at his wedding.

His dad was uncomfortable and couldn’t understand why his grandmother was still holding a grudge after almost 15 years. However, he still congratulated him and told him he understood it was not an easy decision to make. 

When it came time to tell his stepmom it would be best if she didn’t attend the wedding, she was very upset but tried to remain understanding. Before leaving his dad and stepmom, he suggested they visit him and his wife for a weekend after the wedding and figured everything would be okay.

But then, a few moments later, his dad revealed that his stepmom was more upset than she had let on, and now he doesn’t feel comfortable attending the wedding without her.

While this wasn’t the response he wanted, at the end of the day, he mostly cared about his future wife being present on their wedding day. However, he does worry about what this will do to his relationship with his dad and stepmom.

Should he feel bad for not inviting his stepmom?

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