His Ex-Girlfriend Revealed She’s Pregnant With His Baby And Wanted To Get Back Together, But He Already Entered A New Relationship Right After She Cheated On Him, So She’s Now Furious That He Moved On So Quickly

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This 22-year-old guy had been dating his ex-girlfriend, who is 25, for five long years. But then, only three months ago, he caught her cheating, and their whole relationship came tumbling down.

They broke up after his ex’s infidelity was exposed, and immediately following the split, he jumped right back into the dating scene.

In fact, the very first day he was single, one of his friends set him up with a date. They really hit it off, too, so now, he has a new 27-year-old girlfriend, and they’ve been dating ever since his breakup.

Yet, last night, he was reminded of his ex-girlfriend again when she actually gave him a call. Then, she claimed that she’d been wanting to tell him something for a while but didn’t know how to “word it.”

At that point, his ex finally just spit it out, and he was completely blindsided. All she said was that she was actually four months pregnant.

“Mind you, I had the phone on speaker right next to my girlfriend,” he recalled.

“And hearing this took me back because I don’t want a kid by her.”

However, he did admit how the thought of having a child, in general, still made him happier than ever.

That’s why he agreed to meet up with his ex-girlfriend the following morning, and he went through with the plan. But, once they got to talking, it became clear that she was interested in more than just co-parenting the baby.

demphoto – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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