His Fiancée Cheated On Him During Her Bachelorette Party, Then Lied About It, But Her Sister Gave Him Video Evidence

Well, right after that happened, his fiancée called him up, and she was saying sorry over and over again.

She claimed that she just pecked another girl on the lips, so she completely lied to him about what happened.

It was only after his fiancée’s sister sent him the video evidence of what happened that the truth of his fiancée’s cheating dawned on him.

He was so upset but tried to downplay the situation by reassuring himself that it could have been worse; it’s not like she made out with a guy.

His fiancée kept saying sorry to him for an hour on end and asking him to forgive her. While he wasn’t all in on the forgiveness, he told his fiancée he forgave her because he was worried about ruining the final day of her bachelorette party, and he also didn’t want to cause any drama with her sisters around.

“After thinking about it more, I realize that it doesn’t really matter that it was a girl,” he said. “She still cheated on me.”

“I feel so hurt and lost; she’s my best friend and, honestly, someone I would consider the most loyal and trustworthy person there is. I love her more than anyone. I feel broken thinking that wasn’t true. I don’t want to break up or call off the wedding, but I don’t know what to do. I feel completely depressed and don’t know what I’m supposed to say to her, what I’m supposed to do to move forward etc.”

“Just feels like I have to get over it and move on. She also really does seem remorseful, so I don’t really want to rub this in her face, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Even when I try to go play video games to distract myself, I end up thinking about that and not really playing.”

He has to pick his fiancée up from the airport tomorrow, and he’s trying to figure out how to handle this before then.

What advice do you have for him?

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