His Girlfriend Cheated On Him, And He Was Able To Forgive Her, But When She Refused To Stop Being Friends With Her Affair Partner, He Finally Decided To Pull The Plug On Their Relationship

“I have gone to therapy, but my therapist said the exact opposite of what she said. My therapist said I need to put up boundaries for myself because I tend to change myself for my partner.”

He eventually did put up a boundary, letting his ex-girlfriend know how uncomfortable her friendship with that guy was for him.

She refused to respect his boundaries and made it clear she still wanted that guy in her life. So, he decided it was time to end their relationship as a couple.

Although he followed his therapist’s advice, he still wonders if he did the right thing by breaking up with his girlfriend or if he should’ve let her remain friends with that guy.

Did he make the right decision?

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