His Girlfriend Took Their Border Collie To A Herding Class And Suddenly Wants To Raise Her Own Flock Of 20 Sheep, But He Thinks It’s A Ridiculous Idea

Baronb - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual sheep

This 51-year-old man and his girlfriend, Lana, who is 29, have been living together for a few years now. They also both work full-time, but their schedule structures are a bit different.

“My job requires me to go on business trips for three to five days a few times a month, and her job requires presence at the office,” he said.

As for where they live, he and Lana reside on a large property. So, two years ago, his girlfriend decided that she wanted to get a dog.

He claimed to be pretty knowledgeable about canines, too, which is why they settled on getting a border collie– since this breed is known for being very smart and trainable.

Just a few months ago, Lana also decided to take their dog to a herding class. It was clear that the pup loved herding all of the sheep, too, and his girlfriend was obviously intrigued.

“Lana was fascinated with how cleverly he handled them [the sheep],” he recalled.

That’s why, following the class, his girlfriend came up with a pretty wild idea. Apparently, Lana now wants to buy her own small flock of sheep– or around 20– for their border collie to herd.

She believes that she could start shearing them and getting homemade milk and cheese. Then, at the same time, their dog would be constantly stimulated and entertained.

Quite frankly, though, he just doesn’t think that’s a good idea. For some context, Lana grew up as a “city girl;” meanwhile he was raised on a ranch.

Baronb – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual sheep

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