His Girlfriend’s Ex Sent Him Screenshots Proving That She Was A Cheater, So He Decided To End Their Relationship

Nazar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 21-year-old man and his now ex-girlfriend, 20, dated for three months before he ended the relationship. They were introduced to each other by one of their mutual friends. When they started dating, his then-girlfriend talked about one of her ex-boyfriends, who she called insane.

“She told me she broke up with him because he was controlling toward her, so she told me if I started telling her what to do, then she’d end it,” he said.

While he empathized with his girlfriend’s feelings and assured her that he wouldn’t control her behavior, he thought it was strange that she often brought up her ex-boyfriend from the start of their relationship.

When she did this, she didn’t vent or complain about the negative qualities she saw in her ex, but instead told him stories from the time she spent with him.

A week ago, he received a Facebook message request from his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. The message was lengthy and included photos. At the end of the message, her ex wrote that he just wanted to make him aware of who his girlfriend truly was.

In the message, her ex detailed what it was like to date her and called her crazy. Her ex added that she communicated with many other men while in a relationship.

In addition, his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend detailed how she made threats toward him and continued trying to reach him after their breakup.

“She was attempting to contact him during the time frame of us just beginning to get together. The screenshots showed proof of her cheating on him, her trying to message him, and the insanely long, threatening messages she sent him,” he explained.

After reading the message, he didn’t respond to his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend, but he spoke to his girlfriend about the screenshots with messages she’d sent her ex. Initially, she lied and claimed she hadn’t reached out to her ex or been unfaithful in her previous relationship.

Nazar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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