His Oldest Son Started Crying When He Found Out About His Little Brother’s College Fund, As He Didn’t Get One

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This 52-year-old man has two sons, who are 36 and 17-years-old. His youngest son is a high school senior, and his oldest son works as a dentist.

He received a promotion at work when his youngest son was 5, and he began earning more income than ever.

Because of that, he and his wife chose to set up a college fund for their youngest son. Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough money for their oldest son’s college education.

So far, their youngest son received acceptance letters to two schools. He received the second letter last week.

Understandably, his son was thrilled, and the whole family was so proud. After graduation, his son is unsure of which direction he wants to go, but he knows he’d like to study something in the medical field or law.

He and his wife hadn’t told their youngest son that they had a college fund set up for him, but after his son received the second acceptance letter in the mail, his wife thought that they should talk to their son about it, and he felt like this was good timing.

During the conversation, their son was so shocked at how much money they’d saved for his college education that he asked if they were telling him the truth.

He and his wife assured him they were telling him the truth, adding that even though they knew the money wouldn’t pay for all his college-related expenses, it would cover a significant portion.

Later, he and his wife told their son that he should get a job soon to start putting his own earnings into the college fund, and their son thought this would be a smart idea and said he planned to begin job searching.

insta_photos – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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