His Oldest Son Started Crying When He Found Out About His Little Brother’s College Fund, As He Didn’t Get One

Their son was incredibly grateful they saved so much money for his college education. He and his wife felt proud and elated to see their son so elated, and their son was excited to tell his older brother about the second college acceptance letter.

After his two sons spoke on the phone, his oldest son called him a while afterward. Immediately after answering the phone, it was obvious that his oldest son had been crying.

His son asked if his younger brother was in the room or if he was alone. When he told him no one else was in the room, he asked his son what was happening. He was worried that his son had been crying.

“My oldest son continued to cry and told me that he was tired of his brother getting everything handed to him,” he said.

“He told me it’s hard to pretend to be happy for his brother when he had to work for everything he had.”

Stunned by his oldest son’s perspective, he told him how sorry he was, explaining that years ago, he and his wife didn’t have the money to afford what they could now.

He then told his son that he and his wife were providing things for their youngest son that they couldn’t give him when he was growing up.

“My oldest then asked me why we kept him if we couldn’t afford to keep him. He then said that watching his brother get all the things he wanted as a child hurt. He said that if we couldn’t afford him, we should have just given him up for adoption,” he explained.

He was devastated by his oldest son’s words, and he also began sobbing. In his view, he’d tried to be as loving and supportive as he could to his oldest son, even if he couldn’t provide him with what he’d been able to give his youngest son.

It broke his heart to know that his oldest son felt like he would have preferred for another family to have adopted him.

Even though he attempted to say sorry once more, expressing how much he loved him, his son hung up on him, which upset him even more.

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