His Sister Wants Him To Move Out Of The Huge Apartment He Inherited So She Can Live In It With Her Kids Instead

Dariusz Jarzabek - - illustrative purposes only

Not too long ago, this 25-year-old guy inherited his grandma’s apartment after she sadly passed away.

His grandma lived in the same city where he attended college, and after he graduated high school, she said he was welcome to move in with her as long as he promised to buy her groceries and drive her wherever she needed to go.

So, he was excited to move in with his grandma while he went to college. He thought it was great that he didn’t have to pay her a dime in rent and got to use her car as he pleased.

Also, he had a wonderful relationship with his grandma, so it was a pretty perfect living arrangement for him.

His grandma only just passed, and when she did, he found out that she left her apartment to him.

“She also put in her will a letter in which she explained her reason, that was that I made her final years happier than she imagined them to be after my grandfather died, so she wanted me to have it,” he explained.

“Now my sister (29f) has twin boys (6) and came to me and asked if I could let her live in the appartment, so that her boys could have their own room (the appartment has 3 bedrooms).”

“I also know that she and her husband could never afford such a place (at least not in such a good location), however neither could I if it were not for the inheiretance, so I told her no.”

When his dad found out about the conversation he had with his sister, his dad insisted that he should move out of the apartment and let his sister have it.

Dariusz Jarzabek – – illustrative purposes only

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