His Son Flipped Out On Him For Eating Ramen He Didn’t Even Pay For, So He Told Him To Move Out

Back when their kids were quite small, he and his wife decided it was best for her to stay home with the kids while he worked his heart out to provide for their family.

His wife worked hard too to support him as he got established in his career, and he says she deserves not to have to work right now.

He hired someone to come do the laundry and cleaning at home, and he pays for a meal service, so his wife only cooks two meals each week because she wants to.

So, all the money in the house is money that he has made, and the ramen his son got was a product of his hard work.

“I asked him if he was really so petty that he was upset with me for eating something I paid for,” he said.

“He said his mom had bought it for him. I said that she used our money, not his, to pay for it. He said that didn’t matter and that I should have asked. I could not take it any more and I said he needed to move out and pay for his own stuff if he was going to be such [a jerk].”

“At that point, he shut up because I think he realized he [messed] up. He said he was sorry and that he did not mean it. He went to his room and shut the door. My wife said I was [being mean] to threaten him with kicking him out over some ramen.”

He pointed out to his wife that his son was being awful over ramen, and his son is lucky he hasn’t thrown him out of the house because of it. His wife is currently still angry with him, but his younger daughter says he’s right and that she also gets screamed at for touching his son’s food.

He’s left wondering if it was wrong of him to tell his son to move out of the house if he’s going to freak out on him for eating the food he pays for.

What do you think?

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