His Wife Randomly Quit Her Job After Inheriting A Ton Of Money But Refuses To Share The Funds With Him, So He’s Threatening To Quit His Job, Too

Vadim Pastuh - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old man’s wife, 33, inherited significant money from her dad’s large estate after he passed away. During the conversation about the inheritance, she explained that the money could only go to blood relatives. Because of this stipulation, only his wife and their two kids (a 13-year-old daughter and a 9-year-old son) were allowed money from the inheritance.

He and his family live in North Dakota, and he earns $52,000 per year in property management. Unfortunately, he despises his job because he has to drive everywhere to speak with angry tenants. His boss is cheap, so tenants often experience problems in their apartments. He is the one to whom tenants vent their grievances, and it’s exhausting.

His wife’s job is in accounts payable, and she earns $32,000 per year. She also can’t stand her job because there’s no room for advancement. Plus, her work is dull. However, his wife wanted to prove to her father that she was a responsible adult, so she stayed in her position over the years.

When his wife’s father passed away, she inherited a five-bedroom home in a different state, and she wouldn’t have to pay a mortgage on it. The house is in an extremely high-cost city, close to a private college. The majority of the students who attend this school attended private high schools on the East Coast. His wife began renting each of the bedrooms to college students, earning about $6,000 per month.

“The rest of her inheritance is locked in a trust paying $15,000 monthly. Living in North Dakota, the approximately $252,000 she gets is more than enough to live well. However, I feel my wife has been unfair with how she’s handled the money,” he said.

Immediately after his wife started earning money from renting out the house she inherited, she rented a BMW. Then, she stopped cooking meals at home and began ordering food daily. Since he has high cholesterol, he can’t eat food from many of the places she orders from, and she doesn’t usually keep enough leftovers for him, anyway.

While he acknowledged that the inheritance money is only meant for his wife and their children, it’s upsetting that when he’s made more money than his wife, he didn’t spend irresponsibly, but his wife does.

“She hoards all her new money. She puts her inheritance disbursements and rent income into accounts under her name, and meanwhile, our day job incomes kept going into joint bank accounts. That would make sense, but then she quit her job out of the blue last week,” he explained.

Last week, his wife told him she looked at her 50-year-old boss and realized she didn’t have the energy to continue working until she was in her 50s like her boss. She hoped to spend time on her photography hobby, but she didn’t plan to make money doing it. Then, his wife resigned from her position. He believes she resigned because she earned over $250,000 by doing little work.

Vadim Pastuh – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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