His Wife Wants To Remain Friends With The Guy She Cheated On Her Second Husband With, But He’s Uncomfortable With Their Relationship

liderina - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old man’s wife, 31, was unfaithful in her previous two marriages. Luckily, he doesn’t think she’s ever been unfaithful to him. His wife is still in contact with a man she had an affair with during her second marriage, and the man lives several states away. But the distance doesn’t make him feel any less uneasy about her continuing to talk to this man.

“I told her my boundary: I don’t want my wife of a little over a year associating with a guy she’s cheated on a spouse with. I don’t find this boundary of mine unreasonable,” he said.

While he didn’t exactly demand that his wife end the friendship with her previous affair partner, he expressed that he felt uneasy about her continuing to communicate with this man. He added that she’d accept his boundary if she was a respectful partner and cared about their marriage.

Before they married, he knew she was still friends with the man she’d cheated with during her previous marriage, and he shared his feelings of unease immediately after learning about this friendship.

However, his wife never took his feelings into account; instead, she chose to remain friends with her previous affair partner. The topic came up not long ago, and she tried to persuade him to believe it wasn’t sketchy for her to continue this friendship.

“I told her that her argument wasn’t good enough to warrant me changing my boundaries and being okay with their relationship. The argument was as follows: As a female, it’s hard for her to find female friends,” he explained.

Aside from the man she once cheated with, his wife doesn’t have any friends, regardless of gender, no matter how much she’s tried to make new friends. She became friends with her previous affair partner when she was 16, and they slept together while they were still teenagers.

This man was her affair partner when she was engaged to her first fiancé (whom she didn’t marry) and during her second marriage.

He didn’t know it at the time, but when he first began dating her, she was still married to her second husband, so she cheated on her husband with him. When they started sleeping together, he thought she’d divorced her then-husband.

liderina – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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