It Grossed Her Out When Her Brother Asked Her To Date His Friend So He Doesn’t Have To Pay Back The $10,000 He Owes Him

rilueda - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old woman’s older brother, 30, has a rich friend, 30, whose family is incredibly wealthy and comes from generational wealth.

Her brother and his friend operate a profitable startup company. Within the last year, they’ve worked to grow their company.

She’s in college and living with her parents and sister. Out of her entire family, she knows the least about her brother’s business ventures.

Usually, her parents or sister inform her of any big developments related to her brother and his friend’s company.

“There have been some financial ‘mistakes,’ and my brother owed his friend $10,000,” she said.

While she had no idea what happened, her brother talked to her one night and asked if she could help him with the debt. Her brother said his friend claimed he’d “overlook” the debt if she agreed to several dates with him.

Obviously, she was baffled and didn’t understand why she was being dragged into the mix. Plus, she hardly knows her brother’s friend, so hearing that he wanted her to go out with him was a shock. It didn’t take long for her to reject the idea.

“There’s no way I’d ‘date’ (a.k.a. sleep with) his friend just because he owed him money. The whole proposal made me feel really gross and cheap,” she explained.

Since this initial conversation, her brother has spent the last few days pleading with her to reconsider, claiming her agreeing to date his friend is the only way he can absolve himself of the $10,000 debt. Later, her brother’s friend texted her directly, and the conversation creeped her out.

rilueda – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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