She And Her Boyfriend Plan To Get Engaged Within The Next Year, But She Doesn’t Want To Accept His Grandmother’s Ring Because It Simply Isn’t Her Style

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This 24-year-old woman and her boyfriend, 25, have discussed marriage and hope to get engaged this year. They’ve begun to look at engagement rings. She has dreamed about the ring shape she wanted since she was 13. She even created a PowerPoint of her dream wedding.

“I chose a Neil Lane cushion and round-cut diamond ring, 1-1/8 carat total weight and 14 karat gold. I’ve always wanted a cushion cut. He asked if I was sure because he said he could spend up to $10,000, and I said it’s not about the money; this is a dream come true,” she said.

Ever since she was a young girl, she let her mind wander about what this type of ring would look like on her finger. A few weeks ago, she and her boyfriend discussed their upcoming engagement with his grandmother.

His grandma had two sons and a daughter, and her engagement ring had been passed down from her grandma to her mother and then to her. While her boyfriend’s grandma would have passed the ring down to her daughter, tragically, her daughter passed away at 16.

His grandma’s sons are both married, but neither of their spouses took her ring for some reason. Her boyfriend has two younger brothers, neither of whom are married or thinking about getting engaged anytime soon.

“She showed me the ring, and it’s not my taste. It’s an oval blue topaz ring with a flowery, spiked type of border around it. The closest I can compare it to is a Victoria cluster ring, and it’s sort of a rose gold color,” she explained.

When her boyfriend’s grandma offered her the ring, she was stunned. Since she wasn’t a fan of the ring, she explained that her ring was gorgeous, but they were still looking at rings to find the perfect one.

After arriving home, she expressed to her boyfriend that while she’d been honest about his grandma’s ring being gorgeous, it wasn’t her style. Her boyfriend accepted her feelings and told her he’d have a chat with his grandma.

Later, during a family dinner, her boyfriend told his grandma that she didn’t want the ring since it wasn’t her style. She received numerous texts from her boyfriend’s brothers’ girlfriends, who accused her of being cruel for rejecting the ring. They added that their grandma was incredibly old, so she should have done what their grandma wanted before she passed away.

hitdelight – – illustrative purposes only

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