She Asked Her Cousin To Move His Wedding Date, As It’s Scheduled The Day Before Hers And She Feels That Will Ruin Everything

Tamani Chithambo/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’re married and had a traditional wedding, did you have someone get married very close to your wedding date?

One woman recently had to ask her cousin to move the date of his second wedding to his wife because it was scheduled for the day before her first wedding.

She’s 29 and has a 33-year-old cousin named Frankie. Frankie has been married to his wife, Nora, for 15 years. They got married right before Nora’s 18th birthday.

Because Frankie and Nora were young and didn’t have much money when they got married, so they eloped at a courthouse with two other people present. Now that they’ve grown and have more money, they’re ready for a traditional, big, white wedding.

Frankie and Nora got their family together to announce they’d have a big wedding in September. 

“Usually, this wouldn’t be a problem,” she said.

“I’m happy for Frankie and Nora and excited to get to attend their wedding. However, the date they’ve picked is the day before my wedding. My fiancé and I have been together for nine years and have been planning our wedding for the last three years. We’ve had our date and venue booked for two years. Our save the dates only went out last month.”

She pulled Nora aside and asked if she and Frankie were joking about their wedding date. Nora didn’t see an issue with the date and mentioned that it was the day she and Frankie first met, which is why they set it. 

She was upset for the rest of the day, and Frankie caught on. When Frankie asked her why she didn’t seem happy about his second wedding, she told him it was rude of him and Nora to make it one day before hers, especially when her save the dates had already gone out.

Tamani Chithambo/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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