She Asked Her Cousin To Move His Wedding Date, As It’s Scheduled The Day Before Hers And She Feels That Will Ruin Everything

“I told him that he had essentially ruined my wedding because no one is going to attend two weddings in a row on a weekend, especially not our elderly grandparents,” she recalled.

“Frankie apologized and said he didn’t know our wedding date when they booked it. He told me that they weren’t going to move the date and had the gall to suggest that I move my wedding if it mattered that much to me.”

She then snapped at Frankie and told him it was tacky to have a second wedding when it was their choice to get married at 18 when they had hardly any money.

Frankie and Nora left the gathering early, and she later received some angry messages from him and his mom, who is her aunt. Now, her family is split. Some agree with her that Frankie should move his wedding date, and others are defending Frankie and Nora.

Was she wrong to snap at Frankie, or was her anger valid?

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