She Asked The Men In Her Family To Clean A Few Dishes After Their Early Easter Dinner, But Her Sister Freaked Out And Said It Was Their Job As Women

Halfpoint - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman and her family got together for an early Easter dinner since she would be out of town with her husband and children on Easter. She cooked for hours with her mom and two sisters, which didn’t annoy her because they all love to cook.

On the other hand, her father, her husband, and her sisters’ husbands aren’t the best cooks, so she didn’t mind that they didn’t pitch in. Her dad and the other men of the family hung out on the couch and talked. She’s the only one who has kids, so she got her two kids set up with some activities at a table to keep them busy while she cooked.

After the food was done, everyone enjoyed a fantastic dinner. She and her family had a blast and did an Easter egg hunt for her children. Later, everyone hung out and talked for a few hours. Her mother requested help with the dishes and clean up before everyone left. She and her sisters got up and walked into the kitchen.

“We finished everything except the dishes, which piled high. We discussed washing a couple of big dishes to split the load. I butted in and said, ‘Hey, maybe we could ask the guys to all clean, like, three dishes each since we made dinner and cleaned everything else,'” she said.

Her mom and one of her sisters, who recently got married, looked aghast. They countered that all of their husbands were exhausted from busy weeks at work. She laughed and pointed out that they all had full-time jobs and worked in the same field as their husbands, adding that their husbands didn’t work more than they did.

Even though her mom and sister looked anxious, she told them she’d ask the guys to do the dishes. So, she went into the living room and calmly suggested that they each wash three of the larger dishes from dinner, like the casserole dish and some of the pots and pans.

Her dad, husband, and her sisters’ husbands stood up right away and walked into the kitchen, and they took turns washing dishes. They didn’t whine at all or argue. Her husband was the last one washing dishes, and rather than only washing three, he did the rest of the dishes in the sink.

For the rest of the night, her sister was standoffish toward her. Before everyone left the get-together, her sister asked to speak with her and accused her of being “bossy.” She questioned whether her sister was referring to when she asked the men in the family to do a few dishes. Suddenly, her sister was on the verge of tears and yelling.

“She said, ‘I care enough about my husband to actually take care of him. He didn’t deserve the way you treated him tonight!’ I was beyond confused and said, ‘For asking him to do three dishes after we made dinner for hours and cleaned everything else?’ She screamed, ‘YES! That is OUR JOB AS WOMEN!'” she explained.

Halfpoint – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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