She Broke Down After Finding Out That Her Best Friend Is Moving In With Her Ex-Boyfriend

Anton - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 27-year-old woman admits that she’s not the kind of person to have a ton of friends. She has spent her whole life prioritizing school and work, which left little time for socializing.

But lately, she’s been putting a ton of effort into her own growth and making some new friends. Three years ago, she met her best friend C, and C has been dating and living with a guy named D for the past four years.

Now, her ex-boyfriend, whom she just dumped two months ago, she ended up meeting through her best friend C and C’s boyfriend D.

She dated her ex for an entire year, but she ended things with him after it dawned on her that they were not a great fit for one another.

“He admitted that he was not a good partner- he would call me annoying, stupid, etc., as a “joke” and refused to plan for the future with me,” she explained.

“I never lived with him- [he] was also resistant to the idea of me moving in or getting a roommate. C knew all of this and supported me through the breakup, saying he was an idiot for hurting me.”

“A few days ago my friend C says we need to talk in person. I went over to her house, super concerned. She said she’s finally breaking up with D and moving out, as he’s too avoidant and won’t go to therapy for his issues. I affirmed that this seems like a good decision for her. Then she drops the bomb that she’s moving in with my ex.”

What’s confusing to her is that C was never even friends with her ex-boyfriend, but they did frequently go out on double dates together.

Apparently, C ended up hanging out with her ex after C’s boyfriend made plans for the three of them and bailed.

Anton – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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