She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend After He Proved To Her He Doesn’t Take Marriage Seriously

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Many people in their late 20s who are still single or dating worry about finding someone who is just as serious about marriage as they are.

After all, it’s scary to be in a serious relationship with someone who may not be as eager to take things to the next level as you.

One woman recently decided to break up with her boyfriend after he proved to her he doesn’t take marriage seriously by telling her pregnant friend not to marry her boyfriend.

She and her boyfriend had been together for two years. When they first started dating, she clarified to him that she was looking for a long-term, serious relationship that would result in marriage a few years later.

“He said okay but never moved the relationship along,” she explained.

“I had to bring up that we had been dating for months and should be exclusive, and he said it was ‘too early’ but wanted to move in together. So, I never got the sense he wanted to get married despite him saying he did.”

As their relationship progressed, she started sensing that her boyfriend would tell her whatever she wanted to hear in order to stay with her.

Although he wouldn’t outwardly tell her he didn’t want to get married, he’d make snide comments about marriage and call it outdated and unnecessary. He said men should be able to be in a relationship without a ‘piece of paper.’

Although these comments were pretty rough, she stayed with him until recently, when he gave some disturbing advice to one of their pregnant friends.

AS Photo Family – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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