She Called Off Her $40,000 Wedding After Her Fiancé Dropped Her Beloved Cat Off At A Random Park And Claimed The Feline Scratched His Car

sonyachny - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

This 26-year-old woman was in a relationship with her now ex-fiancé, Tom, for seven years before she canceled their $40,000 wedding and left him. One morning, she left their recently bought home to buy a garbage can.

She went to multiple stores and finally stumbled across the perfect one that she thought would look great in their house. Before she bought the garbage can, she sent photos of several options to Tom to see which one he liked best before making her final decision.

“He responded with the number of the one he liked and then sent, ‘I dropped off your cat.’ I immediately thought he was talking about dropping him off at the vet, so I messaged back, ‘At the vet? Is he okay?'” she said.

Tom didn’t text her back, so she called him. Luckily, he answered the phone. But when she asked him what he was talking about, he explained that her cat, who used to be a completely outdoor cat before she took it in, had scratched his vehicle, so he was angry and dropped him off at a park five miles away from their house. The park was in an isolated area, and there were no houses nearby.

Leading up to this incident, Tom’s best friend had been living with them for almost eight months. His friend had just left the military and didn’t have another job secured yet, so they allowed him to live with them until he was able to find a job and place of his own.

However, they thought he’d only stay at their house for a couple of months, so she and Tom had tension because of this situation. It turned out that Tom’s best friend came with him to drop off her cat at the isolated park. After Tom told her what he’d done, she burst into tears.

“This cat was my first cat. Tom also gave me this cat and knew I loved this cat. He was basically my child. The cat was put outside because he didn’t like living with a dog and started using the bathroom outside the litter box. We tried everything, from calming cat pheromones to spray to attraction litter. After none of these things worked, we put him outside,” she explained.

The dog in their house wasn’t theirs. It was an older dog who belonged to one of Tom’s friends, and Tom allowed this friend to stay with them whenever he wanted, which was another issue that led to her ending the relationship.

Since her cat had a history of being outside all the time, this transition made sense. She ensured that he was brought inside during bad weather or that she could monitor him for shorter amounts of time while he was inside. Over time, her cat started climbing on things outside, like her vehicle.

sonyachny – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or cat

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