She Can’t Afford To Let Her Triplets Have Their Own Sweet 16 Parties, So They Told Her To Get Another Job To Pay For It

Vikkin - - illustrative purposes only

This woman is a single mom to triplet girls, who are about to be celebrating their sweet 16s soon.

What she normally does every year for her girls on their birthday is give them all $150 to use as they please.

The girls will spend their birthday money going to different restaurants to have dinner with their friends.

But this year, since they’re turning the big 16, all of her daughters want to have a huge birthday bash complete with a real venue, a DJ, and a big guest list. But they want their own individual parties, not a shared one.

“A venue would be around $500 and with all the additional things like decorations, [a] DJ, invites, [and] food, it would be around $1,200 – $1,400 and that’s the cheapest we can do,” she explained.

“I can afford that once but they want three individual parties which would be over $4,000. I can’t really afford $4,000 for birthday parties, so I told them no. I could throw three smaller parties but it would be a huge hassle deciding who gets to have the party on their actual birthday as I can’t plan 3 parties in one day and they have a lot of common family/friends.”

“I was willing to do it anyway but a smaller party means no venue, no DJ, cheaper food and drinks, and my daughters aren’t okay with that. I’ve tried explaining to them I can’t afford it, but they just told me to get an extra job.”

One of her daughters in particular is furious with her for denying her the ability to have her own, big party.

She reminded the girls their total budget is $1,200, and it’s up to them to figure out how they want to spend the money.

Vikkin – – illustrative purposes only

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