She Dated An Older Guy Who Took Her To A Michelin Star Restaurant And Got Her Two Dozen Roses For Their First Date, But After She Blocked Him, And He Showed Up At Her House One Night

She told him yes and refused to entertain him any longer because he clearly did not care about her. He only wanted to have access to her so he could have someone to lean on in times of need.

Some TikTok users shared their opinions and a few words of wisdom in the comments section.

“Men his age are used to moving how they like and women not having boundaries,” pointed out one user.

“Usually, when older men date young, it’s because women his age see something we are ignorant to. It’s a reason he’s 55 and on dating sites,” commented another.

“He wanted to put you on the back burner and then bring you to the front burner when it suited him,” added someone else.


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