She Doesn’t Want To Host Her Cousin’s Wedding On Her Property Anymore Because Her Cousin Didn’t Listen To Her Rules And Planned A Much Larger Guest List Than Expected - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Not long ago, this 24-year-old woman married her now-husband, 28. A year before their wedding, they bought their first house together. They repaired the home, which was expensive and took tons of time, effort, and strategic planning.

Now, they’ve made it into the house of their dreams. It’s a refuge and a house they want to hopefully live in for their entire lives.

A while ago, her 33-year-old cousin got engaged and plans to have her wedding later this year. She and her cousin have never had a close bond and have nearly completely opposite personality traits. Her father and her cousin’s father are brothers, and their families are incredibly close.

Her cousin and her cousin’s fiancé still both live at home with their parents. Until recently, her cousin was in nursing school, but she dropped out and hasn’t had a job. Her cousin’s fiancé has a job, and while she isn’t sure what he earns, judging by his job title, he makes an average salary. Despite this, her cousin and her fiancé hope to have a massive, fancy wedding.

Even though she has her own views about her cousin’s wedding plans, she hasn’t shared her thoughts publicly because she knows it’s none of her business. It’s her cousin and her fiancé’s wedding, and they can choose to live how they want.

She told her cousin congratulations after she and her fiancé got engaged. However, she has a problem with the assumption that family members should feel obligated to pitch in.

“I eloped with my husband, and while we didn’t have a public wedding, we did throw an intimate reception on our new property. We live in a very quiet, scenic, rural area on a small acreage. It is private and thoughtfully landscaped. We have a natural pond, and our property is surrounded by the woods. We chose not to disturb the land around us too much,” she said.

Because she and her husband didn’t cut down any trees or alter much of the land on their property, some of their property is technically in the woods. Since so much of their property is within the woods, there isn’t too much land to work with for events or gatherings.

It was a beautiful venue for her and her husband’s tiny wedding reception, but it wouldn’t provide enough space for her cousin’s huge reception because she wanted to invite more than 80 guests. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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