She Exposed Her Brother-In-Law For Secretly Going To A Club For His Bachelor Party And Caused His Fiancée To Leave Him, So Now She’s Getting Blamed For Ruining What Could Have Been A Happy Marriage

“I knew Charles was going to delete the chat, so I took pictures on my phone before I confronted him and sent the messages to Jess. Jess was livid. My marriage was already in a rocky place. This just solidified that I did not want to continue my marriage because I did not trust Charles or his friends. If they are keeping this from her, what are they keeping from me?” she shared.

After breaking the news to Jess on Monday, Jess broke up with Frank and moved out. Jess is staying with her parents until she can find a place. Since the breakup, Frank has been calling her repeatedly, claiming she destroyed his life.

Charles said that the trust was broken and told her he was thinking of filing for divorce. In his view, her actions were why his friends weren’t speaking to him anymore.

Several of Frank’s and Jess’s family members have name-called her, angry that she destroyed, as they said, “what could have been a happy marriage.” Most of the wedding had already been paid for by this point, and much of that money was nonrefundable.

What would you have done if you were in her shoes?

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