She Feels Humiliated And Pathetic After Discovering That She’s The “Other Woman”

Michael Rekochinsky - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

For the last three months, this 28-year-old woman has been dating a guy the same age as her, and she was completely blown away by him.

They have been on one date so far and were already making a lot of plans with one another. They both have enjoyed buying and exchanging gifts for the other person too.

Yesterday, they were supposed to go out on a second date, but then she didn’t hear a word from him.

She already was starting to have a bad feeling about him, as she noticed he was only speaking to her during his work hours as an on-call paramedic.

The only times he communicated were in between the calls he went on for his job, and that raised some red flags on her end.

Another thing that has made her feel weird is that he pushed their first date back until it was dark outside, and he did the same thing with the date they were supposed to go on yesterday; he kept pushing the time back later and later.

At first, she thought he was pushing the times back on their dates because he works night shifts and is most likely used to that time.

But then, he showed up as a suggested friend on her Facebook profile, and she noticed that he had a photo of himself and another girl set as his profile picture.

She thought this had to be his ex-girlfriend since the photo was dated September of last year.

Michael Rekochinsky – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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