She Finally Cut Off Her Friends After They Kept Hitting On Her Boyfriend For Years And Saying She Wasn’t Good Enough For Him

leszekglasner - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman and her boyfriend, Jake, have been in a relationship for four years and moved in together two years ago. Throughout the years, their relationship has gone smoothly. They’ve had minor arguments occasionally but no major issues.

“Jake is a professional model, and this, in the beginning, has been a problem for me because everyone always tried to hit on him or simply ignored me for him, but he always kindly rejected everyone and made me feel special and never ‘out of his league,’ so I worked on my insecurities,” she said.

Luckily, she’s grown accustomed to the attention Jake gets and has learned to cope with it. Now, she doesn’t feel uncomfortable when others flirt with Jake. Unfortunately, ever since she introduced her boyfriend to her group of female friends, Jake let her know that her friends acted weird and, in his view, “‘inappropriate'” toward him.

However, she didn’t take Jake’s feelings seriously because she couldn’t fathom her friends, who’d been in her life for more than a decade, could make inappropriate remarks toward her boyfriend.

They never acted weird when she was around, so she brushed Jake’s views aside for four years. Two weeks ago, she realized that Jake’s interpretation of her friend’s behavior was accurate. So, she had a huge fight with her friends, which led to her cutting off communication with them.

Recently, she was promoted at work, so she invited her friends over to her home for a celebration. The day was going well until Jake came over. He got to the celebration a bit later than everyone else because he’d had a photo shoot for a major clothing label.

When Jake got to her house, he kissed her, and she stepped out for a couple of minutes to use the bathroom. As she was walking back to the room, she overheard her friends’ rude comments about her relationship for the first time and was stunned.

“They were clearly trying to hit on him, and the most absurd part was that my best friend was saying that Jake was too beautiful and good-looking for a standard girl like me and that she was way better than me, and she asked why Jake was with me,” she explained.

She stood listening to their conversation in complete disbelief for a couple more minutes before coming back into the room. In a rage, she snapped, screaming at her friends to leave. They fought with her for a bit before finally leaving. Afterward, she began sobbing.

leszekglasner – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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