She Got Dress-Coded By Her Male History Teacher And Refused To Go To The Principal’s Office Because She Didn’t Want To Miss An Important Review Session, So Now Her Teacher And Classmates Are Angry At Her

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When I was in high school, attending a public school, girls in my grade started having to deal with being “dress coded,” getting detentions or humiliating slips because of little things like their tank top straps being too thin or their skirts being a little too above the knee.

One teenager is facing backlash from her teacher and classmates after refusing to go to the principal’s office and change her clothes after being dress-coded.

She’s 15 and in high school. She was dress-coded by her male history teacher recently, even though the dress code isn’t always strictly enforced.

“It was also a pretty hot day, so I wore a pair of shorts,” she said.

“The rule at my school is that our fingertips have to go past the length of our pants; otherwise, it’s out of dress code. Today, I got up to turn in an assignment, and my teacher noticed that I was wearing shorts. He told me to hold my arms down to my shorts and then basically announced to the whole class that my pants were too short.”

This was very embarrassing for her, especially because no one else, not a teacher or student, had noticed her shorts earlier. Plus, she believes her shorts were fairly modest, as they didn’t have any holes or rips and sat halfway down her thighs.

Of course, three boys in her class were also violating the dress code, wearing tank tops, shorts, and sandals, but her teacher didn’t say anything to them. Her teacher then told her to go to the front office and wait for her mom to bring her a change of clothes.

“This was at the beginning of class, and we have a final coming up soon,” she explained.

“[The class] was supposed to be a big review lesson, and I didn’t want to miss it. I’ve also never been sent to the office before, so I was really upset. I found it ironic that we were learning about gender biases, yet I was being removed from class for being a ‘distraction’ to the men in the room. So, I said no.”

Monkey Business – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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