She Got Sick Of Hearing Her Friend Proudly Talk About Having An Affair With A Married Man, So She Finally Kicked Her Friend Out Of Their Group

alones - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 20-year-old woman has a friend group comprised of seven girls who are all in their twenties, and they have been dancing together for years.

But, one of her friends named Mia has been dating a married man who has a young child, and it really started to rub her and her friends the wrong way. That’s why she recently had enough of it and decided to kick Mia out of their friend group.

For some context, Mia’s affair partner is apparently a “grown man,” and, according to her, Mia isn’t ashamed about the affair whatsoever.

In fact, Mia even admitted to leaving behind personal belongings– like hairpins and makeup– for the guy’s wife to find! Now, the wife never actually realized any of Mia’s stuff was left there, but Mia still told her and her friend group about the whole idea without any shame.

On top of that, Mia swears that the guy plans to leave his wife as soon as his baby turns 5-years-old. Mia is also certain that, right after the divorce, the guy is going to propose, but she really doesn’t believe that.

In her mind, what’s even worse is that one of their close friends actually watched their family get torn apart after their father had an affair. Yet, Mia still openly discusses her affair with the whole friend group.

“And Mia talks about the man like he’s the love of her life,” she added.

Eventually, she and her friends just couldn’t take it anymore, either. So, they decided to create a separate group chat without Mia– essentially kicking Mia out of their friend group.

“Mainly because of her lack of empathy towards the other woman and the fact that she thinks she’s doing something funny and interesting,” she explained.

alones – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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