She Got Sick Of Hearing Her Friend Proudly Talk About Having An Affair With A Married Man, So She Finally Kicked Her Friend Out Of Their Group

Afterward, they also weren’t too sure how to tell Mia about their decision and wound up just talking to her in person.

But, once they spilled the beans about not wanting to hang out with Mia anymore, her friend didn’t take it too well.

Mia just became really defensive and tried to say that they couldn’t be judgemental of who she chose to sleep with.

“But we’ve warned Mia many times that none of us want to hear about their affair, but she’s totally proud of it, and we’re sick of hearing it,” she vented.

Still, ever since the confrontation, Mia has started badmouthing her and the rest of her friends to other people they dance with.

And even though most of the people took her side, there were still some who accused her and her group of being too dramatic.

So now, she can’t help but wonder if kicking Mia out of their friend group for having an affair with a married man was really so crazy or not.

Why do you think Mia doesn’t feel any remorse about dating a married man? Would you want to be friends with someone like that? Did she handle this situation the right way or not? 

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