She Ruined A First Date With A Guy After Coming Down With A Nasty Bout Of Food Poisoning And Projectile Vomiting Both On Him And The Windshield Of His Luxury Car

At last, they made it to another parking garage. He got out of the vehicle to grab some water. At that point, she became frozen with embarrassment. She couldn’t believe what had just happened. When he returned, he kept cracking jokes, trying to make her feel better about the situation, which helped a little.

Then, she started wiping the puke off his windows. Once they arrived at her place, she invited him inside so he could clean himself up. Meanwhile, she took a shower. When she got out of the shower, she slipped and fell to the floor, resulting in a loud thud.

Of course, he heard her fall down, which added another layer of humiliation to the already embarrassing situation. She also had no towels in the bathroom, so she had to sneak to her bedroom without anything covering her up.

He stayed for a short time and then left to drive home. The next day, they laughed about it. They dated for a while afterward, but the relationship didn’t work out.


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