She Strongly Suspects That Her Best Friend Is Hooking Up With Her Dad

neonshot - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman has been best friends with a woman named Sophie, 20, since 2018. She considers Sophie part of her family, and Sophie offered her the emotional support she needed when her parents divorced in 2019.

After the divorce, she and her younger brother, 19, lived with their father, 54. Before she and Sophie started college, they got together about five or six times a week, but now that they’re both so busy with classes, they only spend time together about twice a week.

“My dad and Sophie have been acting suspiciously for quite a long time. I’ve always sensed a little tension between the two of them that sparks up whenever she comes over, with my dad finding ridiculous excuses to leave the room/house and her getting all awkward,” she said.

Until recently, she brushed off her father and Sophie’s behavior as their introversion. However, as time progressed, she wondered if her father and Sophie were hooking up because too many odd things started happening, and she couldn’t get the suspicion out of her head.

One of the last times she got together with Sophie, they went to a mutual friend’s engagement party. Afterward, they went back to Sophie’s house for a sleepover and continued their traditional movie night. They’d been so busy that they hadn’t had a movie night in two months, so they were excited to hang out together. After she changed into her pajamas, Sophie went to take a quick shower.

She was sitting on Sophie’s bed when she saw a gorgeous bracelet on the nightstand. At the time, she didn’t think much of it. Days after the sleepover, she and her father were checking the Amazon delivery details of a birthday present they’d just ordered for her aunt.

They’d ordered the gift from her father’s account, and while they were both looking at his phone, she noticed that in his previous orders, she saw a bracelet identical to the one she’d noticed on Sophie’s nightstand.

A couple of months ago, her father suddenly canceled their family dinner, stating he had a work emergency and asked to reschedule dinner. Since she had nothing else to do that night, she called Sophie at 7 p.m., who picked up after the first ring.

Before she could say anything, Sophie (who strangely sounded out of breath) asked her how her day was going. She informed her that her father canceled their family dinner, and she asked Sophie what she was up to. In response, Sophie said she planned to hang out with her mother at 8 p.m.

neonshot – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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