She Strongly Suspects That Her Best Friend Is Hooking Up With Her Dad

“Then, something weird happens. I hear Elton John’s ‘Tiny Dancer’ playing in the background (which is my dad’s ringtone), followed by an abrupt silence. All of this happened while I was sitting beside my brother, who had just called my dad,” she explained.

During the phone call, she asked Sophie about why the song randomly started playing, and Sophie explained that her Google Home might be acting up. A few weeks ago, she invited Sophie to one of their most recent family dinners because her father suggested it after they found out that her brother had invited his girlfriend.

While she found it weird that her dad told her she could invite Sophie, she rationalized that maybe he didn’t want her to feel sad that she hadn’t invited anyone since her brother’s girlfriend would be at dinner. When she asked Sophie if she wanted to come to dinner, she accepted the invitation. For every dinner, the family goes out to a restaurant, and her father always chooses where to eat.

Her father decided that they’d go to a restaurant that recently opened, and it ironically was the same restaurant Sophie had been begging her to go to. She assumed this was just a coincidence, but she couldn’t help but think it was weird.

At dinner, the waiter started taking all of their orders. She and her brother told the waiter what they wanted, followed by her brother’s girlfriend. Before Sophie could order, her father ordered on Sophie’s behalf. She was stunned when Sophie didn’t object to this or seem to have an issue with it.

“It was crazy because Sophie is a very picky eater, and it is kind of rude to order for someone without asking them. I confronted my dad then and there, and he said that he didn’t realize it and just took a lucky guess. Sophie seemed very visibly tensed and uncomfortable. She just kept saying to me, ‘Let it go,'” she shared.

Because she didn’t want to ruin everybody’s dinner or cause more awkwardness, she dropped the subject. Days afterward, she asked Sophie if anything was happening, which started a fight. Sophie called her insane for making such an accusation and vehemently denied that she was hooking up with her father.

But Sophie’s last statement concerned her: “‘Even if we were, how would that affect you in any way or form? I would still be your best friend, and he is your dad.'” During the fight, she didn’t realize how strange this sentiment was. When she reflected on it later, she wondered if Sophie had accidentally confessed to hooking up with her father, therefore confirming her suspicions.

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