She Told Her 5-Year-Old Daughter That Her Husband Drinks Too Much And That’s Why She Isn’t Allowed In The Car With Him, So Now Her Husband’s Furious And Blaming Her For “Badmouthing” Him

Alliance - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman’s husband has a drinking problem. He’s only sober before and during work. When he’s done working, he goes to the liquor store and buys either beer or whiskey, which he drinks on the drive home. After arriving home from work, he drinks until he’s ready for bed.

When he doesn’t work, during the weekends, he drinks from the moment he wakes up until late in the day. They have kids together, and she doesn’t permit her husband to drive with their kids in the car. She wishes he wouldn’t drive at all while drinking, but that’s been a constant battle.

“On the weekends, he’s always running errands or going places and frequently asks our oldest child, our five-year-old daughter, if she wants to come with him, or sometimes she will ask him herself,” she said.

Unfortunately, because she never lets her husband drive with their kids in the car, she has to shut down the idea, which saddens their daughter. She requested that he no longer ask their daughter to come with him or sneak out, so she has no idea he’s left.

However, he hasn’t listened. Last weekend, their daughter had a fit when she wouldn’t allow her to go with her husband to run errands. Her husband didn’t help the situation because he attempted to convince her to change her mind. Eventually, her husband left the house while their daughter stayed behind.

“I finally just said, ‘The reason you can’t go with your dad is because he always drinks beer, and it’s against the law to drink beer and drive,'” she explained.

Her daughter refused to believe that adults weren’t allowed to drink and drive, but she walked her daughter through the dangers of driving while intoxicated.

Then, she stated that she cared about her so much that she didn’t want her life to be in danger while in the car with someone who’d been drinking. She explained that she was protecting her from harm because she deeply loved her.

“She started to understand why I wasn’t letting her go. She cried and cried and said things like, ‘We shouldn’t let Dad drink beer or whiskey anymore,’ and then cried some more,” she shared.

Alliance – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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