She Told Her Roommate Her Boyfriend Either Needs To Start Paying Rent Or Can’t Stay Over So Often

AntonioDiaz - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman and her roommate, Lisa, have been living in a cozy, inexpensive apartment together for three years.

Until recently, she and Lisa got along well. However, six months ago, Lisa’s boyfriend, Mike, began staying at their place six days a week.

He takes showers at their place and eats food from their fridge, so it’s as if he’s her unofficial second roommate. Initially, she wasn’t too bothered by how often Mike stayed at their apartment.

“I’m not heartless, and I get that his current living situation isn’t great (he’s between jobs and was kicked out of his last place for being unable to pay rent),” she said.

Over time, she’s become frustrated with how much time Mike spends at their place rent-free. She feels like she’s the third wheel in her own apartment when Lisa is her only official roommate.

After thinking it over, she explained to Lisa last week that she wanted Mike to start contributing to rent and utility bills if he would continue spending several days a week at their place.

She told Lisa that Mike could pay a fair amount, less than what they contributed since he wasn’t there all week.

Unfortunately, Lisa was upset by her request that Mike contribute to rent and utilities, arguing that she and Mike are saving up to move into a place of their own.

Lisa claimed she wasn’t being fair by asking Mike to chip in to continue staying at their place. According to Lisa, Mike didn’t use their utilities much, anyway, adding that she was blowing the situation out of proportion.

AntonioDiaz – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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