She Turned A Guy Down For A Second Date, And He Responded In The Rudest Way

Tamani Chithambo/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Rejection is an inevitable part of the dating journey. While both men and women experience the sting of unreciprocated affection, they tend to cope with the setback differently.

There are many examples throughout history and in the news that suggest men struggle from bruised egos and wounded pride, taking their pain out on those who don’t deserve it.

TikToker Ava Camille (@avacamillee) is talking about how she respectfully turned down a guy’s proposition for a second date, and he responded with a complete lack of dignity and grace.

She went on a date with a guy that was fine for the most part, but she ended up developing a few icks halfway through.

He wanted to go on a second date and wasn’t picking up the fact that she had no interest in doing that.

She sent him a kind, thoughtfully worded text in which she told him that she had a fun time with him but wasn’t really feeling the same connection he seemed to be feeling.

He responded rudely, saying that she was overestimating how much he liked her and that he had never even wanted to date her in the first place. He also told her to get over herself.

Ava then told him that he had a fragile ego, which only added fuel to the fire. He proceeded to type out multiple paragraphs, criticizing her for being simple, uninteresting, and myopic. After reading the texts, she did not reply and blocked his phone number.

The interaction led her to make two realizations. First of all, she realized that she shouldn’t have responded at all.

Tamani Chithambo/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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