She Went Out With A Guy Who Was Over An Hour Late To Their Date

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What does it say about a person when they’re an hour late to a date? It might mean that they have poor time management skills, or it could indicate that they have a total lack of regard for other people.

For one woman’s tardy date, the answer seems to be both, along with some additional character flaws of his.

TikToker Ruthie (@ruthyandthebrain) went out with a guy who was over an hour late picking her up for their date.

During the car ride, he was giving her some attitude, so she ended up jumping out of the vehicle before he made a complete stop because she wanted to get away from him as quickly as possible.

So, the guy she made plans with was someone she knew from high school. Ever since their high school days, he had been waiting for a chance to go on a date with her.

On the way to pick her up, he kept in constant communication with her, texting her updates on traffic delays to let her know that he was behind schedule, which is why she overlooked the fact that he was an hour late.

When he finally arrived, she got into the car, and they greeted each other with a hug. As they drove off, she asked him not to show up late next time.

She did so in a calm manner but with a firm tone. All she wanted to do was establish her boundaries and inform him that her time was valuable to her.

Immediately, he turned the car around and angrily declared that he was taking her back home. He complained about driving 30 minutes to pick her up and how he was the one who had bought the tickets for their date.

TravelMedia – – illustrative purposes only

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