She Won’t Let Her Friend’s Young Daughter Come To Her Birthday Party At A Bar And Even Offered To Pay For A Babysitter, But Her Friend Is Still Throwing A Fit

“There’s a reason I got a sitter for my own kid. That friend agreed and told Missy not to bring her daughter. Missy has thrown a fit and said she’s not coming. I said I completely understand, [as] here are events I have missed because I don’t want to leave my daughter, and the group understands [because] we all have kids.”

To not upset Missy further, she offered to organize a separate lunch playdate with her and their kids so they could spend time together.

Then, she told Missy that she could try to show up at the restaurant on the day of the party, but if she brought her daughter, she wouldn’t be allowed into the private room.

Since then, Missy has been feeling hurt and excluded.

Did she exclude Missy, or did Missy bring this to herself?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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