She Won’t Move Back To Her Fiancé’s Small Hometown Because He’s Already Hooked Up With Practically Every Woman There, And She Doesn’t Want To Deal With The Awkwardness

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This woman has been dating her now-fiancé, Matt, for seven years, and they have a 6-month-old daughter.

She also has two other children, 11 and 12, from a previous relationship. Her ex, the father of her two oldest children, passed away in a car accident a decade ago.

Matt is a wonderful man and a great parental figure to all her children. He’s supportive, kind, focused, thoughtful, and patient.

She’s always felt confident in him, and they have healthy communication. While she and Matt argue occasionally, they don’t do so often.

Whenever they don’t agree, they talk through it and come to an understanding without hurting each other’s feelings.

Recently, Matt expressed that he hoped to move back to his hometown, and this makes her uncomfortable because he’s hooked up with nearly every woman who lives there.

She clarified that the number of women Matt has slept with doesn’t make her uneasy. What makes her uneasy is how tiny his hometown is.

It’s a town so small that everybody who lives there knows one another. Since Matt has hooked up with so many women, it’d be impossible to go to a local store and not stumble across one of the women he’s slept with or the women’s parents.

Even though Matt hasn’t stayed in contact with any of his past hookups, some of his friends in his hometown still hang out with some of these women.

PhotoBook – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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