She Won’t Move Back To Her Fiancé’s Small Hometown Because He’s Already Hooked Up With Practically Every Woman There, And She Doesn’t Want To Deal With The Awkwardness

While she trusts him and doesn’t believe she has anything to worry about, she doesn’t want to deal with the awkwardness that would likely ensue.

“I don’t want to go to a parent-teacher conference with him (he goes to every single one) and have to deal with one of his many old partners who just happens to be there with her children, which would likely happen,” she said.

“I don’t want to walk into a grocery store or gas station and be met with, ‘Hey, you’re Matt’s wife, right?’ I just don’t want the attention at all.”

Because she didn’t like running into people she knew and didn’t want to talk to in her small hometown all the time, she moved away.

A few weeks ago, she and Matt went to his family’s house for dinner. His sister and one of his ex-girlfriends became friends a while ago (long after Matt and his ex broke up), so this ex was at dinner with his family.

Luckily, dinner wasn’t uncomfortable despite Matt’s ex-girlfriend being in attendance, and the woman was pretty awesome.

During the get-together, his family asked when they planned to move back to Matt’s hometown, and she laughed, brushing their comments aside. After dinner, she and Matt went grocery shopping.

“While we were inside, some guy walked over with his girlfriend and said, ‘Matt, how are you doing bud?’ and they started a conversation.

At some point, he goes, ‘You remember Tasha, right? Didn’t you guys hook up back in the day?’ As if it was just a normal conversation,” she explained.

The school system in Matt’s hometown is one of the best in the county; there are many job opportunities in the area, and there is lots of great housing available.

Her hometown is the next town over from Matt’s, and her family still lives there, so if they moved to his hometown, they’d be close to their families.

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