She’s Feeling Betrayed After Learning Her Parents Have Been Helping Pay Her Older Sister’s Rent, While They Won’t Even Help Her Get Her Own Apartment

arhar - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you have a sibling who gets more coddled by your parents all the way into adulthood, it gets really frustrating and can cause tension.

One woman feels betrayed and hurt after discovering that her parents have been helping her older sister pay her rent even though they won’t help her get her own apartment.

She’s 23-years-old and lives in Chicago with her parents. She has an older sister who is 26 and has her own apartment in the same building as her and her parents. Unfortunately, they have a strained relationship.

“During our upbringing, she often treated me poorly and sought to outdo me,” she said.

“I’d like to mention that she is on the autism spectrum, although she is high functioning. I try to keep the peace when she visits, but she does sometimes hit a nerve, and I lose my cool.”

Although her sister was able to move into a new apartment last year, she’s been trying to move out for the last three years. She’s been trying very hard to rent an apartment, but several things have gotten in the way.

For one, many of her plans to move in with a roommate have fallen through, and she hasn’t been able to qualify as a tenant without a co-signer.

Unfortunately, her parents haven’t been much help and haven’t done anything to get her an apartment. However, during her sister’s visit at Christmastime, she discovered they’d been doing more for her sister.

During Christmas dinner, she was already feeling a bit left out as her parents discussed a trip they were planning on taking to Amsterdam with her sister. Then, as the evening progressed, her sister started mentioning things about their mom helping her with her rent. 

arhar – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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