She’s Head Over Heels In Love With Her Gay Best Friend, But She’s Not Sure If She Should Confess Her Feelings To Him

Danon - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back in 2018, this 22-year-old girl met her 25-year-old gay best friend since they attended the exact same college.

As soon as they met, they formed an instant connection, and they practically do everything together because they’re that close.

From the beginning, her best friend made it abundantly clear to her that he is only romantically interested in men, and he is positive about that. He has never felt an interest in women at all.

A year ago, she and her best friend went on a 5-day long retreat with some of their other friends, and the two of them ended up sharing a tent.

They stayed up every single evening that week, talking about a lot of deep topics. They’re both going to graduate school soon, and they won’t be living in the same state anymore.

“I learned so many things about him that he had never shared with anybody before,” she explained.

“That retreat did so much to me as a person, and that was when I realized I had feelings for him this whole time. Looking back, he had always been there for me when I needed him in my stupid relationship problems.”

“He was the one I went to for support when my toxic ex dumped me for another girl. He was the one who made me try new things and ordered for me when I didn’t know what to eat. He is such a good person, but he’s gay, and he made it very clear years ago.”

She is head over heels in love with her best friend, and since they are going to be heading down different paths with graduate school looming, she’s wondering if she should tell him how she truly feels.

Danon – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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