She’s Leaving Her Boyfriend Because His Mom Takes Advantage Of Him, But She Wants To Tell His Mom Off Over Text First

H_Ko - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Four years ago, this 33-year-old woman met her 33-year-old boyfriend, and in the beginning, she made it clear to him that she wanted to find a husband and go on to have children.

She didn’t hide from her boyfriend what she wanted out of life, and he actually said that he wanted exactly what she did.

Anyway, in the last four years, she has left her boyfriend ten times, and has returned to him ten times.

Her boyfriend would pretty much tell her what she wanted to hear every single time she dumped him, which made her take him back on all those occasions.

Also, his mom wanted him to get married and have children, and has been actively pushing him along on this path too.

So while it seems like her boyfriend’s mom might be a good thing for him, she’s really not. Her boyfriend’s mom completely takes advantage of him and uses him basically like her personal ATM.

Her boyfriend’s mom gets money from him for investments, renovations on her house, and to even go on vacation.

“She never really taught her son to save and invest in himself as a mother should, instead she was more worried about her own needs and wants,” she explained.

“She would make him spend frivolously on his siblings, etc. At one point, he even told me that his mother wanted to buy a bigger house using his money before we even met. She even sat me down one day and told me that when we get married, she expects an allowance from us.”

H_Ko – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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