She’s Thinking Of Leaving Her Husband Since He Wouldn’t Give Her A Massage When She Hurt Her Back, And Now She’s Worried That He Won’t Be There For Her When She Really Needs Him

“How is it that I can count on my parents but not my life partner? We’ve been through so much together, and I’ve forgiven so much, but I don’t know if I can get over this,” she shared.

Upon reflection, she’s terrified that she would become ill in the future or one of her loved ones could pass away, and her husband wouldn’t provide any support. Her husband’s reaction to her pain seems to be a sign of how he would act in other difficult life events.

While her husband was at work one day, he informed her that he had sold a bed they’d recently dismantled and that the guy who bought it would be dropping by to pick it up that night. Her husband would still be at work while the man stopped by, and the bed was upstairs.

Because of her pulled muscle, she couldn’t bring the bed downstairs, and she told her husband this. He suggested that he’d come home during his work break to bring the bed downstairs.

What advice would you give her?

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