Stolen Ancient Jewelry Worth $64 Million Dollars Was Recovered In Spain, And A Priest Was One Of The Five Culprits Of The Crime

Police found that the jewelry items were briefly displayed in a Kyiv museum between 2009 and 2013.

Afterward, they ended up in the possession of an Orthodox priest, who was one of the five culprits of the crime.

Three of them were Spanish, and the other was Ukrainian as well. In 2016, the jewelry was smuggled out of Ukraine.

Before this most recent bust, investigators managed to successfully obtain one of the stolen artifacts in 2021, when the investigation was first started. They confiscated an ornate gold belt with ram heads during a private sale in Madrid.

The complexity of the heist required more than just the efforts of Spain and Ukraine. Interior ministry attachés from several countries also had a hand in helping to restore the treasure to its rightful owner and preserve a historical legacy. These countries include Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, and North Macedonia.

The jewelry is now being examined at the National Archaeological Museum and the Spanish Cultural Heritage Institute.

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